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Online Lattenrost Test 24-Mar-2015 $10.00
esport bets 23-Mar-2015 €10.00
League of Legends betting 23-Mar-2015 €10.00
Webhosting Coupons 2015 22-Mar-2015 $10.00
Hostgator Coupons 18-Mar-2015 $10.00
Business Analysis Made Easy 10-Mar-2015 $5.00
Jeff 09-Mar-2015 $5.00
Hello Voucher Card 09-Mar-2015 $10.00 02-Mar-2015 $10.00 27-Feb-2015 $10.00
abhi 25-Feb-2015 $5.00
Locksmith Gold Coast 23-Feb-2015 $5.00
Discountrue 21-Feb-2015 €10.00
Chameleon John 13-Feb-2015 $10.00
watch free movies online 11-Feb-2015 $10.00
Cookware Mom 28-Jan-2015 $10.00
Cheap Web Hosting 27-Jan-2015 $10.00
similarto 20-Jan-2015 $10.00
couponcodes365 27-Nov-2014 $10.00
Backpacker Tax Back Australia 24-Nov-2014 €10.00
Glason Pressure Cleaning 22-Oct-2014 $10.00
Best of Swanky Recipes 19-Oct-2014 $11.00
Smart Web Solutions 17-Oct-2014 $10.00
Seonpoint 13-Oct-2014 $5.00
Matt 04-Oct-2014 €5.00
Jack Terry 23-Sep-2014 €5.00 I was skeptical at first, but Colemak layout has really helped me to write faster and with less strain!
Swim caps 20-Sep-2014 $10.00
Free cheats, tips & tricks for app games 28-Aug-2014 $10.00
X Factor Betting 21-Aug-2014 €20.00
Ultraflow 10-Jul-2014 €15.00
Far Pav 10-Jul-2014 €15.00
free psn codes 23-Jun-2014 $5.00
Backpacking Through Europe Guide 20-Jun-2014 €10.00
Trust Deed 18-Jun-2014 $20.00
Chermside Day & Night Pharmacy 13-May-2014 €20.00
Paddo Physio 13-May-2014 €20.00
Adina Interiors 13-May-2014 €20.00
Arash Rouhani (Tarrasch) 03-May-2014 $20.00
Colorbond Roofing Brisbane 29-Apr-2014 $5.00
Treadmill Corner 24-Apr-2014 $20.00 My sole keyboard layout since 2008 is Colemak, and thanks to that my fingers are running! Many thanks!
SecPoint 23-Apr-2014 €15.00
Modern Vintage Style 18-Apr-2014 €15.00
Bidjapon 13-Apr-2014 $10.00
Bonuscorner 11-Apr-2014 $20.00
Fairy Lights 28-Mar-2014 €10.00
Telemarketing Brisbane 07-Mar-2014 €15.00
Mateusz Poszwa / f8l 24-Feb-2014 $20.00 Thank you for making my lazy hands rest on the home row!
Vinyl flooring Gold Coast 05-Feb-2014 €20.00
Birkdale Child Care Centres 21-Jan-2014 €20.00
Cabinet Maker Bundaberg 20-Jan-2014 €22.00
Carpets Gold Coast 16-Jan-2014 €20.00
Storage Units Gold Coast 16-Jan-2014 €20.00
Air Conditioning Installation Brisbane 15-Jan-2014 €20.00
Better Posture Dot Net 10-Jan-2014 $20.00 I've been using Colemak for about 2 yrs, and coupled with a better posture, over at I have a typing speed of 65+ wpm. Awesome. Download Colemak Now!
Piccano Funny Pictures 28-Dec-2013 €20.00
Security Companies Brisbane 10-Dec-2013 €20.00
Ducted Air Conditioning Brisbane 09-Dec-2013 €20.00
Flowers Gold Coast 03-Dec-2013 €20.00
Termite Control Brisbane 03-Dec-2013 €20.00
CTK 28-Nov-2013 €25.00 Thank you very much! I've been using Colemak for several years, and this is just a small token of my appreciation.
Betting Calculators 17-Nov-2013 €20.00
Gold Coast Containers 14-Nov-2013 €20.00
Motel Bundaberg 12-Nov-2013 €20.00
Weddings Brisbane 06-Nov-2013 €20.00
Air Conditioning Brisbane 04-Nov-2013 €20.00
Nicholas A. Czuczko 31-Oct-2013 $20.00
Self Storage Gold Coast 14-Oct-2013 €15.00
Blah 30-Sep-2013 €10.00
Tony Zarembski 12-Sep-2013 $20.00
New Years Eve Brisbane 02-Sep-2013 €20.00
Family Law Mediation Brisbane 19-Aug-2013 €20.00
Access Control Brisbane 9-Aug-2013 €20.00
Costume Jewellery 8-Aug-2013 €20.00
Coloursplash Signs 7-Aug-2013 €15.00
Flooring Gold Coast 5-Aug-2013 €15.00
COEV Hair Cutters 24-Jul-2013 €15.00
Heli Ski NZ 10-Jul-2013 $10.00
Lujo Living 10-Jul-2013 $10.00
James M 10-Jul-2013 $10.00
Lite 22-Jun-2013 $10.00
ghaz 19-Apr-2013 $10.00
Kent social media 09-Apr-2013 £5.00
Andrew Orsini 13-Feb-2013 $10.00 31-Dec-2012 $5.00 The Colemak keyboard layout is the best in the world.
Shalmu 04-Dec-2012 $15.00 Colemak has changed my daily work, thank you for this!
Velgus 18-Jul-2012 $5.00 Fantastic keyboard layout! Picked it up a few days ago, and I'm definitely never going back to QWERTY if I can avoid it!
Promo-Gifts (UK) Ltd 29-Jun-2012 £5.00
Matt Leichter 06-Jun-2012 $5.00
dexon 10-Apr-2012 $5.00 Thank you!
sublimator 26-Jan-2012 $5.00
Samo 20-Jan-2012 €10.00
LiveCasinoDirect 13-Apr-2011 $15.00
St Pancras International Olympics 2012 13-Apr-2011 €5.00
C. Leak 31-Dec-2010 $5.00
baboo 23-Aug-2010 €15.00 I have found a new hobby that is useful
Alexey Chabunin 11-Aug-2010 €10.00
Emil Kondayan 18-May-2010 €5.00
Gift Ideas 11-Feb-2010 $5.00
Emil Kondayan 09-Jan-2010 €10.00
Mikel Ward 31-Dec-2009 $5.00
Lorenz 13-Sep-2009 €5.00
Samo 03-Aug-2009 €30.00 I use Colemak since 2 years now, it is great. Thank you.
BCBill 19-May-2009 $30.00 It was a struggle to switch but worth it.
Tony 10-May-2009 $30.00 I wouldn't be touch-typing now if it weren't for Colemak...
neio 17-Mar-2009 $300.00  :)
Todd Long 06-Mar-2009 $15.00 Awesome layout! 14-Feb-2009 $5.00 Thanks Colemak! best keyboard layout out there
Juan Reyes 10-Feb-2009 $10.00 I love Colemak!!! Please continue developing it.
Vince 16-Dec-2008 $20.00
Keren Jin 27-Nov-2008 $10.00 Thank you for your excellent keyboard layout!
boli 21-Aug-2008 $30.00
Yannick Gingras 05-Jul-2008 $30.00
John Feuerstein 17-Jun-2008 €15.00 Migrating to Colemak from years of Dvorak was a pain - but actually worth it! I'm able to switch to Qwerty on-the-fly again (since I have to) while maintaining usable speed. Thanks!
Matt DeBarth (Korivak) 15-Jun-2008 $20.00 You've made typing a joy.
Gabe Yarra 25-Apr-2008 $25.00 Thanks
Geert Hendrickx (ghen) 04-Apr-2008 €30.00 Touch-typing is much more comfortable with Colemak, and it's much less of a trouble to learn than Dvorak. Thanks!
keyboard samurai 17-Dec-2007 $30.00 Colemak is excellent for Apple computer users! Thanks!
Marcus 25-Aug-2007 $25.00
Adalbert Jahnz 16-Jul-2007 €14.65
Richard Paris 14-Jul-2007 $10.00
vparedes 03-Jul-2007 $20.00
Jay Walker - The Confused Capitalist 02-Jul-2007 $40.00
Thomas Schroeter 28-May-2007 $15.00
Albert / AGK 18-Mar-2007 $5.00 Thanks for Colemak!
CAPSoff 09-Jan-2007 €194.91 Prize for winning The "Million Dollar" Keyboard competition
DrSlump 29-Dec-2006 €10.00
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