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Home row

Colemak places the 10 most common letters of English and Backspace on the home row. Colemak uses the home row 14% more than Dvorak, and 122% more than QWERTY. Colemak allows to type words such as "tenderheartednesses" on the home row.

Finger distance

Your fingers need to travel just a fraction of the that they do in QWERTY. On Dvorak your fingers move 10% more (30% more for a 4% error rate), and on QWERTY 102% more than Colemak (118% more for a 4% error rate).

Row jumping using the same hand

On QWERTY 1500% more than Colemak. e.g. "minimum" on QWERTY. On Dvorak it's about the same.

Same finger typing

On Dvorak it happens 60% more, and on QWERTY 340% more than Colemak. e.g. "ceded" on QWERTY.

Stretches of the pinky finger

Colemak avoids stretching the pinky, which is the weakest finger.

Reduces long sequences of same-hand typing

By grouping the vowels (except 'A') on the right hand, it reduces very long sequences of same-hand typing, such as "sweaterdresses" on QWERTY. See also: hand alternation

Ergonomic tips

  • Alternate hands for hitting the spacebar every few mintues to reduce strain on the thumbs and on the wrist.
  • Hold the Control and Shift keys with the opposite hand of the key you're typing.
  • Take frequent breaks.
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