GNU Typist

From Colemak
Description: GNU Typist lessons for the Colemak layout
Version: 2006-01-01
File size: 0.1 MB
Requirements: GNU Typist 2.7 or later
OS: Linux/Unix (Linux/FreeBSD/etc.) or Mac OS X with Fink, MS Windows with Cygwin
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Installation Instructions

  • Download and install GNU Typist. You can get it from the GNU Typist website or from a your Linux/Unix distribution.
  • Copy the file colemak.typ to the gtypist lesson directory (e.g. /usr/share/gtypist/)
  • Run gtypist colemak.typ to start the lessons.

Linux/Unix (console)

  • Debian: apt-get install gtypist
  • Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install gtypist (requires the universe repository)
  • Arch Linux: pacman -S gtypist
  • FreeBSD: pkg_add -r gtypist
  • Others: You'll have to compile gtypist from source

Mac OS X (console)

  • Verify that there's a gtypist package available for your version of OS X.
  • Install Fink
  • Install KTouch via Fink Commander or by typing: sudo apt-get install gtypist
  • Copy the lesson file to the GNU Typist directory

MS Windows (console)

  • Install Cygwin.
  • Run Cygwin Setup. During Setup select for installation under the Text category, the gtypist package.
  • To uninstall Cygwin: Cygwin needs to be uninstalled manually. Cygwin uninstallation instructions.


  • You can change the maximum error rate, e.g. gtypist --max-error=2 colemak.typ will change maximum error rate to 2%.
  • Type gtypist --help to see more command line options.