From Colemak
Description: KTouch lessons for the Colemak layout
Version: 2006-01-01
File size: 0.1 MB
Requirements: KTouch 1.3 or later
OS: X-Windows on Unix (Linux/FreeBSD/etc.), Mac OS X with Fink/DarwinPorts, Windows with Cygwin
Website: ktouch.sourceforge.net
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Installation Instructions

  • Download and install KTouch. You can get it from the KTouch website or from a your Linux/Unix distribution.
  • Download and untar/gunzip the KTouch lessons archive in the KTouch directory (e.g. /usr/share/apps/ktouch/)
  • In the KTouch menu Settings > Keyboard Layouts > colemak.kbd
  • In the KTouch menu Training > Default Lectures > Colemak (auto-generated)


  • Debian/Ubuntu: apt-get install ktouch
  • Fedora Core: yum install kdeedu
  • FreeBSD: pkg_add -r kdeedu
  • KTouch is part of the KDE-EDU package and is included in most linux distributions that include KDE. You only need to install the kdeedu package and KTouch should be in it.

Mac OS X via MacPorts (not recommended)

  • Download and install MacPorts
  • Type: sudo port install kdeedu3

Mac OS X via Fink (not recommended)

  • Verify that there's a ktouch package available for your version of Mac OS X
  • Install Fink
  • Install KTouch via Fink Commander or by typing: sudo apt-get install ktouch
  • Download and untar/gunzip the lesson archive in the KTouch directory