Typing lessons

From Colemak

Recommended fingering diagram


Lesson 1. (new letters: stne)

S – left hand middle finger, T – left hand index finger, N – right hand index finger, E – right hand middle finger

sets tens ten tnt sestet tenet seen nene testee tenets essen sent senses tenses teens stent sense tent nets tenseness net tense nests tennessee teen nest tents net tens teen tenets senses nests nest nets tenet sent sense tenses tennessee essen tnt tent teens tense nene stent seen

Lesson 2. (new letters: ri)

R – left hand ring finger, I – right hand ring finger

trite stress sire it entire terse tit sir tire sinner retire rinse inn tree insist tier rite teeter resin stir siren enter sitter insert site sneer intern tie inner series steer tin riser its resent sin rise rent rein iris stern in titter resist eerie inert street is renter sit nine risen sister serene stint err snit intent entree nit inter rest tennis re tint

Lesson 3. (new letters: ao)

A – left hand little finger, O – right hand little finger

retain roe rant ratio toast sort stat tore earn noose teat eater oat trio tear tone artist nor tattoo seat arise noise start toss tenant oasis one aria no arson sonata soon rear to ass soot irate sane onset star root state oar errant resort tartan sonnet notes eat rotten stain ration arose reason noon sass retina iota torn stairs iron estate toe are season not attire tenor innate torso tease arisen note tar snort tarot

Lesson 4. (new letters: dh)

D – left hand index finger to the right, H – right hand index finger to the left

odds the hard tooth tide ether raid other rend hire dress has noted ash aide ha rider hiss soda ninth aside ahead hate toad shirt shed dare hid this dose horde ashen road shot shod idea hear hand read rash darts those stand three stood shorn trend hint dote short darn ah staid her node had heard horn third add these hot ode hers does heart hated did rhino sash door teeth rid here sod hoe nerd head hose drier trash tread host date hat

Lesson 5. (new letters: pl)

P – left hand index finger one row up slightly to the left, L – right hand index finger one row up slightly to the left

toil dip lithe peer oiled spite less phase sold oops spiel slid patio slat nope slit poet spelt leper hall plaid snoop spill padre paint dial pin land splat plop pale lead lip pail pond lope else pan peal stilt shop plot steal pain spool load peter solid pilot sleep pep lone ale spend lilt past spit lots steep pool ideal pal snipe slope apple old petal polar let paste slip heist

Lesson 6. (new letters: fu)

F – left hand middle finger one row up slightly to the left, U – right hand middle finger one row up slightly to the left

urn file hound flora pupil feast upper fade spud fern spurn froth huh foal dune sniff rerun furor tune fresh hush shaft lure left fuss usher thief surf taut fold found sour fire stunt elf letup fell tout fun tuft puff us foe run fatal flout usurp flap ford four sinus fated dual roof proud final fur utter fool round furl flare rude flute self hut stiff foul unit fraud pulp flood route feed pause fund fetid hurl tofu fear

Lesson 7. (new letters: wy)

W – left hand ring finger one row up slightly to the left, Y – right hand ring finger one row up slightly to the left

wasp way delay hewn fury twit newsy yet whir ray water hurry dawn holly widen penny widow raspy yawn lily downy dwell wiry sissy warp snowy furry swift windy hefty wish filly sweat hype sway prawn day fowl noisy wail surly rowdy wily sweet lowly synod went posy strew your swine yap whoa paddy weep artsy aware stray wade style woof sunny stow pray wife days frown wispy ply howl phony awe hyena endow handy whet yeast stew type word dandy show duly weird tasty newly

Lesson 8. (new letters: gj)

G – left hand index finger one row up slightly to the right, J – right hand index finger one row up far left

jaw gel jut gape jury night juror giant jade gut jug jaunt gofer jeer gash just hog jot leg jog jet fight jilt guilt joy ghoul jewel slog jeans gal jig jail dough jar pang jelly rang jowls gag jaws jiffy deign junta go jetty grass jaded fang joint gull ajar dig jest gaffe fjord along join glass jolt groan jolly sting jeans green jiffy golly jot fig jilt sag jetty gruff jail sung jaw gushy jeer gala just age jig jaded glee jut tongs jar god jet grate jade genre sharp jelly tangy proof ajar pager

Lesson 9. (new letters: vm)

V – left hand index finger one row down slightly to the right, M – right hand index finger one row down slightly to the right

envy mount vivid made motor navel moose lever madly levy muddy dive trump raven harem vain nomad view month hover lemon naval imply valet gnome oven mean move grove swim vote swamp levee germ vat melee novel frame eve humid vile swarm verge med five limp haven ramp vet mitt seven maple mover venom lava yum drive moat wove swam savor maim given dove dome ivory stomp very tumor sever sham avert loom vigor moldy movie voter foam vast media devil metal grave muggy jar salve madam jot vie just saver dream jet foil vow him jumpy aloof shave

Lesson 10. (new letters: bk)

B – left hand index finger one row down far right, K – right hand index finger one row down slightly to the left

make lamb disk boob smoke skim abort kin blush dorky buns fake snub pike fable geeky beam eke brown waken butt nook bed oak buddy biker stake bide dusk been risk belly joke bolt baker skull bore peek buyer awoke bliss looks babe kiddo sheik debut sky web frisk brief mark adobe woke jamb bike brisk nuke bulge kiss boa shook bayou okra tuba flask maybe desk brash week bongo flake jab murky bogus duke rehab stoke about trike birth maker book bird king ivory bond kiwi veto bill wok vine point boost just jerky naive promo baggy speak stave tribe

Lesson 11. (new letters: qc)

Q – left hand little finger one row up slightly to the left, C – left hand middle finger one row down slightly to the right

circa quote quip cult quail craft quiet cute quash pubic quilt cheap quirk rice squad colt quay cleft quite music quit croon quits cab equal curl quick quake manic quad reach quark chord quart pace quill sack equip track squid sick quack squat poach quota eject quark speck quail space quip chop quad comic quill squid clef quake close quota color quash care quick squad each quart pouch quack equip twice quite black quilt thick quirk sic quits curly quiet coach quit quote gloss valor champ squat wares joy gasp vat cross equal mown jest night vote coast quay tweak juicy lingo fit visa quilt sob threw jar grit info valet clamp quits limbo

Lesson 12. (new letters: zx)

Z – left hand little finger one row down slightly to the right, X – left hand ring finger one row down slightly to the right

exec fuzz boxer buxom glitz exam zeal toxic jeez lax hertz extol prize text ozone pixie size pixel booze ex zoom crux gauze fax woozy ax tizzy flux jinx zit oxide froze axle ooze extra dozen exit bozo waxy quiz tax ritzy ox fizz index axes zinc apex zip exist buzz expo oxen fez tux dizzy proxy detox zebra next doze max waltz affix zest sixty zone exact zoo excel frizz fox sex blitz mixer gizmo foxy seize mix unzip flex fizzy six fixed jerk valve whiz relax work equal fuzzy exert quark hoard evil mixed jolly shook twang dove quota zero annex jibe key ranch regal wavy quick cozy