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Use this only if you can't get the normal installation to work under Windows. This requires administrative privileges and affects all users. The registry remapping files are included in the Windows download.

Mapping through the registry affects all applications, including applications that read the keys directly (some games, VMware, etc.). This method doesn't support the multilingual features of the Colemak layout and doesn't allow switching to other layouts. It might also cause problems with remote control software when installed on the remote host.

To change the remapping via the registry mapping:

  • Download the latest Windows installation archive.
  • Make sure that the QWERTY layout is the default keyboard layout, and the only keyboard layout installed. Remove other non-QWERTY keyboard layouts. Warning: failing to do so will cause a scrambled key layout, which will make the keyboard very difficult to use. You'll have to discover by trial and error the output of every key.
  • To install: Run the I386\QWERTY to Colemak remapping.reg file
  • To remap just Caps Lock to Backspace on all layouts: Run the I386\Caps to Backspace.reg file
  • To remove the remappings: Run the I386\Clear remapping.reg file
  • Restart Windows for changes to take effect (logging off won't work).

The registry mappings have been created using the KMapper utility. Download KMapper.

Other similar utilities: SharpKeys, KeyTweak

Note: registry remapping doesn't work on older versions of Windows (95/98/Me).

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